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The Chinese-Lessons website and all content including but not limited to, images, video, audio, text, and design are protected by US and international copyright laws.  I reserve all rights to reproduce, distribute, or make derivative works from this website, as well as any other rights granted in conjunction with copyright law.  See for US copyright law and for international copyright law.


Note that copyright does not mean you cannot link to the site without permission or quote from the site (as long as you attribute the quote properly).

"Fair use" allows for copying and creating an original work for certain limited purposes.  The two primary uses that concern me are private home use and education.  In both areas there are restrictions as to how much you can copy and still be within the law.  For example, even for a school it would most likely be illegal for a teacher to copy the text of my entire website and use it as part of their curriculum.  They could only take part of the text and make a limited number of copies.

I would like to encourage my site to be used for educational purposes.  If an educator wishes to use more of my site than "fair use" would allow, I will grant permission to make copies or derivative works as long as students will not be charged for anything beyond the cost of materials.

For any other uses, please contact the webmaster.

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